WSIS Project Prizes 2017: Vote for Agribusiness TV until 30 April!

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Your web TV, Agribusiness TV, has been nominated for the 2017 WSIS Project Prizes in the media category (16). You can vote for the project until 30 April 2017!

The WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society) Prizes is a unique international contest developed in response to requests from the WSIS stakeholders to create an effective mechanism to evaluate and recognise individuals and different organisations for outstanding success in implementing development oriented strategies that leverage the power of ICTs as an enabler of the development. The winners in each category will be selected among the five (5) most voted projects. Winner announcement will be done at the WSIS Summit 2017, which will take place in June 2017 in Switzerland.

Launched since May 2016, Agribusiness TV is the first web TV dedicated to African youth who innovate and succeed in agriculture. Agribusiness TV wants to show a positive image of agriculture by documenting success stories, innovations and lessons learned from youth initiatives in agricultural entrepreneurship. And it works. In just eleven months, over 50 videos have been produced, which have been viewed over 2 million views.

It is an honour for Agribusiness TV to be nominated for this prestigious prize, and we are inviting the public to vote for us, if in their opinion, the project is making an impact in making agriculture attractive to youth by showing innovations and success stories along the value chain.

How to vote?

  1. Go to this link: and click on vote.


  1. If you already have an account on the WSIS platform, enter your login and password.


  1. If you don’t have an account, click on register and create an account. After filling in the form and clicking on Register, you will receive an email to confirm the registration. Go to your inbox and click on the link in the mail and go back to the WSIS voting page. Now, enter your login and password.


  1. On the voting form, you will find projects under 18 categories. You have to vote one project in all the 18 categories for your vote to be valid. Start voting from category 1 up to 18. Once you have voted for a project, the next category will appear automatically. Remember to vote for Agribusiness TV in Category 16 (Project 1486407906). It may not be the first one on the list, so you might need to look for it among the 11 projects in category 16.


  1. Once you have voted for all 18 projects, you will see the “Thank you” message which confirms that your vote has been counted.


We thank you in advance for supporting Agribusiness TV!

Find all our videos here:

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