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Agribusiness TV, the first Youth in Agribusiness Web TV in Africa, will be launching its mobile apps and web platforms tomorrow 5th May 2016 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Every year, around 10 to 12 million young people enter the job market in Africa. Many of them have been to school, some even studied up to University level, but find themselves either unemployed or under-employed. Let’s face the facts; the government, or companies and organisations cannot employ the increasing number of graduates and students coming out of school. On the other hand, the agricultural sector contribute significantly to the economy of most countries in Africa, but agriculture has an image problem. Despite the fact that the sector can provide many opportunities to young people with all backgrounds along the value-chain, youngsters still prefer white-collar jobs.

What Agribusiness TV aims to do is to change this perception and mindset towards agriculture and agricultural jobs. How? By showcasing the stories and paths of those youth who have succeeded in agricultural entrepreneurship through videos.

Agribusiness TV is a project that is combining media, ICT and agriculture. What makes it a unique initiative in Africa is that it is the first media focusing specifically on youth in agribusiness, and also one which is available as a mobile application, in addition to its web version. Released recently, the mobile app of Agribusiness TV is available on App Store and Google Play.

The official launch of Agribusiness TV will be taking place on 5th May 2016 at the Direction Général de la Coopération (DGCOOP) in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso at 15:30 GMT.

Follow the event live on Twitter with the hashtag #AgribusinessTV

Agribusiness TV is an initiative of MEDIAPROD, supported by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

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